Premium quality, silver gelatin, black & white photographic paper on a baryta coated fibre base. For use with digital enlargers.

  • New emulsion optimised for digital exposure
  • Suitable for LED and laser exposure
  • Produces archival silver gelatin fibre prints
  • Neutral image tone
  • Available in matt and glossy surfaces


Product Description

GDS FB is a premium quality, black & white, panchromatic photographic paper. Coated onto a baryta coated fibre base, this double-weight paper has been designed using the very latest black & white silver halide emulsion technology.

It delivers excellent contrast and sharpness characteristics on a surface finish that gives superb, continuous black & white tones. The stunning gallery quality results are equal to those seen when using conventional black & white printing materials and exposing equipment.

GDS FB has spectral sensitivity and exposure characteristics especially suited to optical digital exposure systems with tricolour laser enlargers or LED systems produced by Durst, Océ, Pollielettronica, Fuji and others.

As GDS papers have panchromatic sensitivity we recommend that all handling of unpacked paper is done in total darkness. This paper is compatible with the ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence.

ILFORD 2000RT chemicals are recommended for processing GDS FB, however all conventional black & white machine processing chemicals can be used.

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