HARMAN technology Limited has a world-wide reputation for converting and packaging a wide range of high value, high quality and delicate media. Our facilities are able to convert a wide range of media and finish into several different styles of packaging.

We have extensive experience in processing high quality and delicate materials that require careful handling.

Types of media include coated and uncoated paper and film and metalised foils. Thicker materials such as canvas and fabric can be considered.

  • Materials can be received as parent rolls or master sheets.
  • Paper parent rolls can be up to 1.56 metres wide by 1 metre diameter.
  • Film parent rolls can be up to 1.2 metres wide by 1 metre diameter.
  • Master sheets can be up to 1.56 metres by 1.2 metres.

Finished formats include rolls and sheets up to the full width of the parent roll. Close size tolerances on the width and length can be achieved.

Packaging styles include boxes, envelopes and plastic bags. Multi pack collation and shrink wrapping can also be carried out.

We have a dedicated quality control function, which assures the dimensional accuracy of any conversion, and that no defects are added by our processes.  Our quality assurance system has been registered to ISO9001 for more than fifteen years.