Bespoke products

At HARMAN technology, we work with customers to develop bespoke antimicrobial products specific to their application.

We have over 130 years of experience in silver chemistry with the most advanced manufacturing plant in Europe.

We can manufacture a range of silver based, antimicrobial products for us in textiles, plastics, papers, paint, powder coatings, wound dressings, healthcare, buildings and construction.

Silver is still one of the best antimicrobial agents, effective against Ecoli, MRSA and other microbes. (K.Pneumoniae, Staph Aureus, P.Aeruginosa).


  • Fully automated process control, allowing precise control of crystal size and shape
  • Research, pilot plant and full production facilities which can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements




We can grow silver chloride and other silver salts in and onto:

  • Gelatin aqueous dispersions
  • PVOH aqueous dispersions
  • TiO? dispersions
  • TiO? powders
  • Other metal oxide dispersions
  • Polymer powders
  • Polymer pellets
  • - Polyolefin
  • - Nylon
  • - Polyurethane
  • - Polyester
  • - Acrylics
  • - Elastomers


HARMAN technology Ltd, trading as ILFORD Photo, is a well established manufacturer of state of the art photographic products branching out into new technology.

We are building on our 137 years of knowledge and expertise in silver chemistry and crystal growth


Download our antimicrobial information here