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Technology - Photographic

The name of HARMAN technology Ltd may be new, but we have a long history in the field of photography.  

The expertise we now apply in other areas is derived primarily from what we have learnt in decades of experience in the photographic field - controlling crystal growth when making photosensitive silver halide emulsions (technically, dispersions), and making multi-layer coatings on film and paper supports.

- Black and White Film, Paper and Chemistry
- Nuclear and Autoradiography
- Photographic Glass Plates
- Digital Enlarger Paper

  Black and White Film, Paper and Chemistry

Glass Plate photo

We manufacture the renowned ILFORD ranges of black and white photographic Films and Papers, and the ILFORD and HARMAN processing chemicals are made for us, to our established recipes and to our standards.

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Nuclear and Autoradiography

For most people, photography means pictorial photography – holiday snaps, pictures in magazines, photographs as works of art, and so on – but that is not the whole story. Photography has many scientific and technical applications, and HARMAN produces materials for some of these. 

For instance, we make emulsions which can be used by nuclear physicists to record particle tracks: these are available as bottled emulsions, pellicles and glass plates.

We also make similar emulsions for autoradiographic use by medical and biological researchers and metallurgists. Autoradiography is a process in which the user either places a sample labelled with a radioactive isotope in contact with the sensitive coating, or even coats the emulsion directly on to the sample. The coating is sensitive to radioactivity, so (after a suitable exposure time) processing enables the user to see in what parts of the sample the radioactive isotope was concentrated.
Autoraiography - lymphocyte

Photographic Glass Plates

In the early days of photography, glass plates were in general use, but they were so fragile and heavy that they were quickly superseded by film for most purposes. Nevertheless, some glass plates are still used. 

HARMAN has a coating machine specifically designed for coating on glass plates, and produces specialist plates for scientific uses - nuclear plates for particle physics, and Q-plates for mass spectrography.  We also have the capability of producing photographic glass plate equivalents of some of our film products, though these are not routinely available.
Glass Plates - unprocessed

Digital Enlarger Paper

ILFORD Digital Enlarger Paper is intended to give you the best of both worlds – it is a panchromatic paper designed for use with tri-colour digital enlarger systems, to give real silver images from digital image files.  Such enlargers print by scanning with three different colours of light, rather like the way an inkjet printhead uses several inks; though since the paper is silver halide based, this exposure is followed by chemical processing.

ILFORD DEP is suitable for use with digital enlargers which expose with lasers, such as the Durst Lambda™  series, or with new generation LEDs, such as the Durst Theta™ series. 

The possibilities will depend on the equipment used for exposure and processing, but the size limitations of a conventional enlarger system no longer apply: with a suitable digital enlarger, a print can be as big as you want it to be. 

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