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At HARMAN technology Ltd we are applying the technology we have learnt in decades of experience in the photographic field in other areas.

In traditional photography, when it comes to choosing the best photo paper for quality, image reproduction, archival permanence, and feel, professional printers turn to photo baryta (FB) paper as their paper of choice. HARMAN technology Ltd has been producing a b/w photo baryta paper for many years that meets the needs of professional printers.

In entering the inkjet market HARMAN technology Ltd wanted to produce a product that printers can see is the best, and turned to our expertise in coating onto FB photo baryta paper. We have produced matte, semi-gloss and gloss baryta coated instant dry inkjet products. Professionals comment on the outstanding quality, feel and colour reproduction. Our tests show that coating on the baryta layer adds to the image stability, putting the range amongst the world’s leading products for image permanence. To achieve the high quality that the professional is looking for, we have had to learn to coat in an innovative way and to apply our proprietary technology for keeping the product flat (a well known problem with baryta photo paper).

The picture shows a cross section of a coated HARMAN PHOTO inkjet product. The baryta layer has been stained brown to make it visible. It lies on top of the paper substrate to produce a smooth surface to coat on. On top of the baryta layer sits the inkjet receiving layer.

Cross section of coated HARMAN PHOTO inkjet product






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