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Board Responsibility

The Board of HARMAN technology Limited takes its responsibility to the company and shareholders very seriously. It is obvious to the Board that the company needs to continue to be profitable to ensure a long-term future for employees, shareholders, and most importantly customers, who inspire us with their creative talents in the use of our products.

In order to continue to be profitable there are key Business processes that are important to us, and these are described below. We are very proud of our record of achievement in these categories and will strive to add new topics to excel in.

HARMAN technology Limited policies and Achievements:

· Health, Safety & Environmental System
· Health, Safety & Environmental Policies
· Health & Safety Policy
· Environmental Protection Policy
· Product Safety Policy
· Energy Conservation Policy
· Wastes Management
· Certificate of Employers' Liability Insurance

 Health, Safety & Environmental Management System
HARMAN technology Ltd has a fully integrated health safety and environmental management system. All issues ranging from product design and the operation of the manufacturing processes, to marketing and the packaging and labelling of individual products are within the remit of the Health Safety and Environment Management Committee (HSEMC). The site is registered to ISO9001:2008. The Health Safety & Environmental Management System is operated in parallel to this using the same management principles.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policies
HARMAN technology Ltd has identified 4 key areas that underpin the Company’s approach to managing health, safety and environmental issues.

These set the objectives for a comprehensive series of policies and lead the development and delivery of improvement programs. Key areas are:

· The Health & safety of the workplace
· Minimisation of the environmental impact of products and manufacturing processes
· Optimisation of effectiveness in energy conservation and efficient utilisation of raw materials in manufacturing
· Compliance of products with relevant HS&E legislation in each country into which our products are sold

To support these HARMAN technology Ltd:

· Makes health, safety and the environment  a priority in all areas of the business.
· Takes health and safety and the environment into account when developing and designing new products and processes.
· Carries out effective monitoring.
· Trains employees in their health, safety and environmental responsibilities.
· Communicates on matters of health, safety and the environment to all members of staff.
· Participates with other companies on health, safety and the environment.

Manufacturing, R&D, Engineering and Marketing at HARMAN technology Ltd conform to all UK HS&E regulations and codes of practice.

The excellence of HARMAN technology Ltd imaging products continues to make us leaders in quality, while maintaining productivity and efficiency for our customers. Today it is possible to reproduce with our products all the beauty and nuance of a breathtaking landscape, or capture the full spectrum of natural tones. At the same time, HARMAN technology Ltd is acutely aware that the original beauty in life, from which these images come, must be protected.

Health & Safety Policy
In the main site HS & E Policy the HARMAN technology Ltd Board of Directors commit themselves to:-
1. Develop an organisation and culture which secures everybody's participation and consult with employees to ensure the health and safety of all.
2. Promote health and safety at work as an essential function of good management and require everybody to consider their responsibilities in this field as equal to their responsibilities in others.
3. Establish risk assessment and control as the foundation of the H&S management system and set legal duties as the minimum standard for achievement.
4. Make arrangements for health and safety which protect employee welfare, contribute to business performance and fulfil both the spirit and the letter of the law.
5. Appoint competent people to help with the implementation of these arrangements and provide information, instruction and training to all those working on our premises.
Peter Elton, Director, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Awards and Training

Health and safety performance on the Mobberley manufacturing site has been recognised since 1985 by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents with the presentation of numerous awards.

The HARMAN technology Limited board of directors believes in developing the workforce and has invested in H&S training for all personnel employed at the Mobberley site.

The HS & E advisor has completed (in 2009) the course of study for the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety. Over 60 members of the workforce have undertaken and passed a BSC Level 1 - Health & Safety at Work course. Many members of staff have attended specific training courses to improve their HS&E knowledge and to carry out specific HS&E rolls within the company.

Environmental Protection Policy
It is the policy of HARMAN technology Ltd to take all reasonable measures to protect the environment from any adverse effects that its activities might have.

We will:

· Take all reasonable measures in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our plant, equipment and facilities to reduce any adverse effects which our operations might have upon the environment;
· Devote as much attention and effort to preventing pollution and safe guarding environmental matters in all our activities as to matters of economy and productivity;
· Identify and investigate environmental matters in a professional manner, with assistance from professional advisors when necessary;
· Provide the necessary instructions, equipment and training to enable our employees to carry out their duties in an environmentally safe manner;
· Make every effort, commensurate with the most recent scientific knowledge available, to ensure that our products will not have untoward effects on the environment.
· We will maintain an environmental protection organisation which will seek continuous improvement, develop and administer methods and procedures and co-ordinate all efforts to secure fulfilment of this policy.

Peter Elton, Director, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

The operation of the Mobberley site is subject to a high level of regulatory control with the key processes subject to permit and inspection. Emulsion making is permitted under IPPC by the Environment Agency. Coating is permitted under LAPPC by Macclesfield Borough Council. The company strives to exceed the standards set by these permits in relation to these operations, and applies the same standards for all processes throughout the Mobberley site.

The last three decades have seen an aggressive programme to eliminate components with questionable hazards by replacing these with substitutes proven to be ecologically safe. Also, the quantity of raw materials needed have been reduced and/or replaced by recycled ones. More than 60% of the silver used in our film and paper production comes from recycling. All packaging material is based on recycled or recyclable products, and we actively try to reduce the amount of packaging that we use.

The volume of chemistry needed for our processes has been reduced by up to 50% depending on the process, and water consumption has been reduced by as much as 90%. The Mobberley production site is regulated and licensed to operate to strict environmental standards and is equipped with sophisticated effluent treatment plant, heat exchangers, silver recovery and other environmental protection equipment.


Product Safety Policy
It is the policy of HARMAN technology Limited to act responsibly and to take all necessary measures to protect the customer and the environment by ensuring that its products are safe and comply with the appropriate health, safety and environmental legislation in each country into which these products are sold.

We will:

· Maintain an awareness of and ensure compliance with international product, health, safety and environmental regulations and requirements.
· Take necessary measures in the design, manufacture and marketing of our products to protect the environment and prevent personal injury.
· Identify responsibilities and accountabilities for the management and implementation of policies designed to ensure product safety.
· Provide the necessary instructions, equipment and training to enable our employees to carry out their duties consistently with this policy.
· Maintain an organisation, which will develop and administer methods and procedures and co-ordinate the efforts required to secure fulfilment of this policy.

Peter Elton, Director, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

HARMAN technology Limited is an active participant in several industry forums that seek to ensure a high level of compliance with all those diverse regulations that affect product supply, particularly in relation to the safe supply and use of chemical products. The company is represented in and plays an active role in The European Photo Imaging Association.

Energy Conservation Policy
It is the policy of HARMAN technology Ltd to maintain throughout our operations a commitment to energy conservation.

We will:

· Take full account of energy resources, and use these efficiently and economically, reflecting best industry practice, thereby contributing to an improved environment, and ensure our commitment to D.E.F.R.A. Climate Change Agreement is met.
· Ensure good management of energy resources in all our manufacturing and administrative areas.
· Ensure all staff and suppliers are involved in the energy saving process and understand energy saving techniques in the context of the business.
· Assess the likely effects of planned projects and operations on energy utilisation and consequently their environmental impact.
· Set performance targets and report to employees how well those targets have been met.
Peter Elton, Director, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Energy Achievements:
· Reduction in electricity consumption equivalent to 1,397 tonnes CO2
· Reduction in gas consumption equivalent to 941 tonnes CO2
· Reduction in water consumption of 60,000 m3

Wastes Management


· To dispose of all wastes in full compliance with appropriate legislation in a responsible, ecologically safe manner;
· To continue diverting waste away from landfill by exploiting waste minimisation, re-use, treatment and recycling opportunities further up the waste hierarchy;

Achievements since1996:

· Reduced total waste (all categories) by over 70%;
· Diverted 33% of waste away from landfill by introducing Waste to Energy initiative;
· Reduced costs of wastes management by 64%;
· As a result of waste minimisation also reduced cardboard recycling by over 70%;

Wastes Recycling:

· Cardboard/paper;
· Confidential waste;
· Scrap pallets recycled back into supply chain;
· Scrap wood;
· Scrap 200 litre drums (reconditioned/supplied back into supply chain);
· Plastic/polythene;
· Scrap metal;

Registered as a ”Hazardous Waste Producer”, hazardous waste recycling includes:

· Waste Chemicals and Non Chlorinated Solvents
· Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (including all IT equipment)
· Waste Oil
· Fluorescent Lamps/Tubes

Certificate of Employers' Liability Insurance

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